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Bird’s Eye View: A Sober Journey Begins with Volunteering

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Bird’s Eye View: A Sober Journey Begins with Volunteering

IMG_2353Inpatient treatment is for strong men and woman who are serious about getting help for their addiction. At Malibu Beach Recovery Center (“MBRC”) we are preparing ourselves to be reintroduced to the real world. Leaving treatment we feel great about all the hard work we have done. Now our healthy sober journey begins.

WHAT DO WE DO? Joan Borsten, co-founder of MBRC, always insisted our post-residential treatment be individualized, to help us create new routines and avoid falling back into our old unhealthy ways.

My choice was simple. Volunteer !! Volunteering gives me the opportunity to help the elderly, as well as meet healthy people in our community.

I would like to thank Penny Orloff, our MBRC art therapist, who inspired me. Penny visits each of MBRC’s houses once a week, bringing supplies and ideas to inspire clients to envision past healthy memories or create new memories through art. Our clients leave treatment with God boxes, framed pencil work, hand crafted greeting cards for significant others, family and friends. Most addicts and alcoholics are very creatively talented. Penny has the talent and wisdom that will lead you to success.


Coloring in mandalas is a great way to express creativity, reopen spiritual and creative awareness. Our seniors can not always use their hands. These visual pictures and props can help.

I recently became an assistant art therapist at an assisted living in my community. I go there once a week. With the holidays here what better way to spend our time then engaging in holiday art projects?

Volunteering could eventually lead to future job opportunities. I will be leading our art class Friday. Good news!!  What’s your talent, or hobby you enjoy? Check out community resources at the local library or post office. Go on line and google your interests.  There are amazing resources available.

god box

I suggest to my senior clients that they put a prayer of intention in their God boxes, giving them hope, and creating a relationship with their higher power.

Throw away your drugs & alcohol. Let’s start the New Year off having sober, creative fun !!

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