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When Wine Wednesday Becomes Wine Every Day

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When Wine Wednesday Becomes Wine Every Day

Slipping from social drinking into a problem habit is easier than you think


Wine Wednesday has a nice ring to it, especially since this day is probably the most unpopular day ofSpilled wine.jpg the week. Do you agree? Maybe you can’t wait to open a bottle after work, pour a glass and sit back to indulge in a smooth glass of wine…or two…or three. What happens, though, when Wine Wednesday turns into drinking wine every day? You might need to learn more about alcoholism, alcohol abuse and treatment programs.


Why do you Drink?

In addition to wine Wednesday, there are dozens and dozens of other excuses people enlist for their every day drinking habits.

  • To cope with the pressures of life, including work, family and social obligations
  • To unwind and relax after a long day of caring for others
  • To deal with stress
  • To treat yourself to “me time”
  • To bond with friends

Can you relate? Most of these excuses sound like legitimate reasons to indulge in a glass or two, but if you’re not careful, drinking to sooth your emotional, social or other needs could become a physical necessity. Instead of feeling satisfied with one drink on Wednesday, you need several drinks every day to cope with life. That’s why these excuses explain why you drink every day could be a sign that you have a problem.


What are the Dangers of Excessive Drinking?

While Yale-New Haven Hospital reminds us that red wine offers health benefits, like reduced cardiovascular disease and cancer reduction, too much wine causes a variety of problems.

  1. Wine can make you gain weight. Not only is each glass filled with calories that offer no nutritional value, the sugar content makes you want to eat. Maybe you can feel yourself gaining weight just by reading this sentence, thinking about how much wine you’ve been consuming!
  2. While the occasional glass of red is good for the heart, excessive wine consumption can actually increase your heart disease risk, and it can cause liver damage.
  3.  Wine makes your skin age prematurely.
  4. Wine decreases alertness and concentration. You won’t function at your best and may make crucial mistakes at work, while driving or as you perform other responsibilities.
  5. Wine reduces your inhibitions. You might find yourself in embarrassing, awkward or unpleasant circumstances during or after drinking episodes.
  6. Wine reduces your sleep quality and quality. Harvard University researchers report that inadequate sleep causes numerous health problems, including poor metabolism, increased appetite, inhibited stress response and reduced immunity.
  7. Wine affects sex hormones and can cause infertility or reduced sexual responsiveness.
  8. Wine adversely affects your finances. Even if you don’t splurge on expensive wine, this habit is still costly.

What if Your Drinking is a Problematic Habit?

If you’re wondering whether or not you could have a problem, don’t deny your concern or feel hopeless about changing. Help is available.

Start by recording when, where and how much you drink. With this record, you have a more realistic view of your habit, which can reinforce your decision to quit.

Next, address the core reasons behind your drinking. Start by talking to a trained therapist for this step. You’re may need to need to dig deep to get to the root of your addiction.

Actively look for alternative relaxation methods. There’s no doubt that life can be stressful, challenging, boring and exhausting at times. Drinking isn’t the answer. Exercise, journaling, socializing, hobbies, reading and pets are all healthy ways to relax, and these beneficial activities are easy to add to your daily routine.

You’ll also want to remove wine and other alcoholic beverages from the house in an effort to stop drinking. Period. I know abstinence is tough, but it’s the only way to get and stay sober.

Find the support and professional help you need with addiction treatment. No matter how hard you try, you may need help as you quit drinking. With professional support, you will detox safely. You will also receive holistic therapy that addresses your physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual reasons for drinking. You’ll learn new behaviors that assist you in living a sober lifestyle, too. With this help and a solid treatment plan, you can learn how to successfully handle triggers and gain strategies for saying no to each drink.

Has your Wine Wednesday turned into wine every day? Seeking treatment for alcoholics and alcohol addiction can be the next step to a healthier life. With help, you can live a productive, happy and balanced life without alcohol, and you can start today.

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