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The 6 Worst Things About Drinking Alcohol

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The 6 Worst Things About Drinking Alcohol

Though they’re rarely portrayed in the media, booze comes with a host of negative effects

Drinking alcohol is over-glamorized and often associated with parties and time spent with friends. But drinking doesn’t always turn out as fun in reality, as it can lead to a lot of problems and unpleasant symptoms, both right away and over time. Here’s a look at some of the worst things that tend to happen when drinking alcohol.

You Get a Hangover

It’s never fun to wake up the day after drinking feeling nauseated, dizzy and weak, with a pounding head and other typical hangover symptoms. These symptoms come on when your blood alcohol level goes down and gets close to zero. A hangover is a sign that you drank too much, so if you notice that you’re having hangovers all the time, you might want to think about whether addiction treatment could be the right course of action for you. Without hangovers, you could feel better on a daily basis, which can help with your relationships with others and how well you do at work and school.

It Can Make You Gain Weight

It can be difficult to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight when you’re drinking, since it adds a lot of calories and carbs to the rest of your diet. Each beer contributes around 150 calories to your daily count, while a serving of wine, liquor or light beer adds about 100 calories. That amount is for each drink, so the count adds up quickly!

You Might Regret What You Do

It’s well-known that alcohol lowers inhibitions because of how it affects the brain. Because of this reaction, you can end up doing things when you’re drinking that you normally wouldn’t do. While some people use this to feel more comfortable in social situations, it can lead to sexual, drug-related, violent and illegal activities. Once you’re sober again, it’s easy to see how the previous night’s activities weren’t such a great idea. Limiting or stopping your alcohol use can help you keep control. Also, rely on a buddy system to keep each other in check.

You’re Not Sleeping Well

Even though it might be extremely easy to fall asleep after drinking, you generally won’t have high-quality sleep. Alcohol encourages sleep, but then it doesn’t help you stay asleep. It interferes with your body’s sleep regulation, so you can end up waking up during the night. Also, using alcohol to try to fall asleep can lead to dependence. Instead, you’ll get more restful, rejuvenating sleep if you stay away from alcohol before you hit the sack. If you think you’ve become dependent on alcohol, alcohol addiction treatment can help.

It Affects Your Health

Drinking can have long-term consequences on your health, affecting your heart, brain, liver and other parts of your body. Also, people who drink too much alcohol often don’t take in enough healthy nutrients through their diets, so their bodies aren’t getting the right fuel they need. It’s important not to skip meals so you can drink — the alcohol isn’t replacing the essential nutrients your body would get through healthy foods. Also, learn more about nutrition, and try to ensure that you give your body the nutrients it requires on a daily basis.

You’re Affecting Other People

Drinking seems like a personal choice, but your drinking habits can affect the people around you, including family members and friends. Drinking can lead to problems with personal relationships. It can also affect job performance, which will affect co-workers, bosses and the company as a whole. It’s important to see how your drinking might have an effect on the people around you. Work to change any problems with your relationships, and lean on a professional if you need help with the process.

Get Help With Alcohol Addiction Treatment

In the end, excessive alcohol use doesn’t make most people feel so great. It might feel good in the beginning, but once that feeling wears off, it’s replaced by uncomfortable and unhealthy symptoms. If you notice that you’re experiencing these worst things about alcohol pretty often and still having difficulty avoiding drinking, consider alcohol addiction treatment. It’s a step toward a life that’s controlled not by alcohol, but by you instead.

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