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How to Balance Stress, Addiction, and Your Career

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How to Balance Stress, Addiction, and Your Career

Help balancing the demands of a busy life

Addiction happens for many different reasons. For some, it’s a matter of genetics; for others, the environment is the prominent factor, and sometimes both seem to play a role. Among the environmental factors that can contribute to addictive behavior is working in a high-stress environment. Many people feel overwhelmed by what is expected of them at work — or at least what they perceive to be expected. This leads to a lot of anxiety, and for businesswoman stresssome, that drink at the end of a long, hard day can catapult into a full-blown addiction.

Finding Perspective

Stress in life is inevitable, and it isn’t all bad. But when there is more on the to-do list than what a person should reasonably be able to accomplish, it’s time to take a hard look at what’s important. Whether you make a conscious decision about it or not, something is going to give. Your job performance might suffer, or you might not get the time with friends and family that you need, or you might put your own health and well-being off to the sidelines, thinking you’ll catch that breath when you get the chance.

With a job or career, it is easy to talk yourself into taking on stressful tasks even if you don’t really have to. A paycheck provides a very tangible piece of evidence of your perceived value within a workplace .Taking care of yourself and family is important too, but exactly what it is worth is harder to define. If your position gives you the power to delegate some responsibilities to others, take advantage of those opportunities. When the right balance isn’t achieved, it is easy to feel guilty for letting something go. But no one can keep up a juggling act forever, and there’s nothing wrong with dropping the ball, as long as you arrange for someone else to catch is when you do.

Get Organized and Set Realistic Priorities and Expectations

Calendar programs are all over the Internet, and paper date books are easy to find as well. In the course of doing the necessary tasks for work and setting up the right meetings, it a given to use some type of calendar to keep everything straight, but fewer think to schedule their home and leisure activities, and they try to squeeze everything else into the nooks and crannies of the day. In the end, both work stress and home stress rise, bringing anxiety and stress to both your work and home life. It’s important to organize both work and personal activities, so you don’t feel as if there are fewer hours in day than there are.

Stay Responsible

At the end of the day, your job needs to get done. It’s important to have the right support system that will help you get everything done that is your responsibility. Often, executives try and take too much on as they try to prove something to themselves and their colleagues. Delegating is important, and so is figuring out what tasks can either be let go or postponed. Sometimes, the most responsible thing to do is to say no, especially if it’s your turn to take care of yourself.

Many people come to realize how their work and home lives need to mesh in order to help them find the balance they need. At Malibu Beach Recovery Center we’ve helped those with substance abuse problems, from Midwest union workers to Fortune 500 executives, gain control over their addictions and become more complete versions of themselves. It can work for you too.

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