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Welcome David Deutsch: Malibu Beach Recovery Center’s New Clinical Director

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Welcome David Deutsch: Malibu Beach Recovery Center’s New Clinical Director

Committed to Maintaining a “Family Atmosphere” at Corral, Brentwood and Latigo Locations


David Deutsch, hired as clinical director of the Malibu Beach Recovery Center treatment centers and outpatient program in October 2014, is a “Valley Boy.”   He might have ended up as an MBRC alumnus if he MBRC logo.jpghadn’t already stopped using drugs more than 14 years ago because he is a champion of the most unique elements of the Malibu Beach Recovery Center treatment program from the holistic overlay designed to raise and sustain dopamine levels – the French low glycemic diet, Kurma Yoga, SynaptaGenX – and the family-like atmosphere.

 “I believe in a healing environment. and staff who are warm and considerate to other people,” he said recently.  “And I believe in the Malibu system because recovery is not compartmentalized.  It is about more than just not using.  It is also about having a healthy life style.”

David grew up in the San Fernando Valley in the ‘50s and ‘60s.  He experimented with marijuana and LSD and then graduated to cocaine, using Quaaludes and benzodiazepines to take the edge off.  By late 70s he was living in Northern California.  After getting his BA in sociology, his use of Persian Brown heroin “became significant”.

“I got caught up with drug use, especially after my father passed away at an early age,” he recalls.  “I began dealing big time using a connection in Columbia that got me cocaine at a good price.  I covered my dealing with a legitimate job selling insurance as my cover. I made, and spent, a lot of money.   Then on the night of June 20, 2000 I got arrested. The police found so much cocaine and cash in the back of my car that I ended up doing three in San Quentin.  I never used again after the arrest, and I stayed busy in prison tutoring, working as a clerk in the chapel, and leading 12 Step groups.”

After his release from prison, David went back to school and got all the training and degrees that together with his personal understanding of recovery made him top candidate for the position of MBRC clinical director: a CAADE Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor from Oxnard College, an Associate of Social Work from the Board of Behavioral Sciences and then a Masters of Social Work degree from Cal State University Long Beach, as well as a certification to work with persons coming out of the criminal justice system.  He hopes to soon pass his final board exam and become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

David’s background should inspire many of our Malibu Beach Recovery clients and alumni as well as addicts and alcoholics everywhere for one additional reason.

“I am proof that doors currently shut will open the longer time goes by,” says David who used his studies and his work experience to first get a Certificate of Rehabilitation — first step in the road to a personal pardon from Governor Jerry Brown, and more recently a Criminal Record Exemption from the State of California.

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