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Standing up for Those Who Need Pain Management

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Standing up for Those Who Need Pain Management

Or, A Response to Prescription Pill Abuse

One unfortunate repercussion of the prescription pill abuse epidemic is that it gives people who Thumbnail image for pills.jpgdesperately need pain management a bad name. As one person commented on the Malibu Beach Recovery Center blog article, “Doctors who Fuel Addiction and Relapse,” at best, they’re viewed with suspicion, and at worst, their needs can be brushed under the rug. Doctors may quit on them because they’re not getting better, as happened to that person.

You can’t blame him (I assume it’s a man) for complaining, and he’s right—Unless you’ve never faced unbearable pain and needed medication to get through the day, you can’t know what it’s like. And if those of us who write about prescription drug abuse want to be fair, it pays to include a comment that there are people who need pain medication and don’t abuse it. Or people who started out taking pain pills for a valid reason and unfortunately became addicted. There are those who hate the side effects, too — hate the feeling of being high, but give in so they can function.

So thanks to the person who wrote in.  We’ve seen articles recently saying that the media is too heavily weighted toward ranting about the bad news, and we should have mentioned that. We should all be in the business of recovery together, trying to see that the doctors who are criminals are stopped, those who become addicted are helped, and those who need pain management are recognized and taken care of.






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