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Rest in Peace, Whitney Houston

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Rest in Peace, Whitney Houston

Life is funny. My post about musicians and addiction appears, and wham—Whitney Houston becomes the latest musician to join the list of those who have died. Was it an overdose? News reports from TMZ and other news stations mention prescription pills near her body, so it’s likely? Not out of the question? Who knows.

I never even thought of her when I wrote that post. Whitney was a Jersey girl, and an icon of my generation. As so many commentators have said this morning, her voice was majestic. You should hear my women friends who also loved her describe her.

But as I heard her story on a morning show, there was no escaping her similar history to others in the field.  Blessed with extraordinary talent, she had a promising future when she started out.

Then…something…insecurity?…pressures associated with fame?…a troubled relationship with a man? derailed her.  I saw one headline that blamed Bobby Brown, her ex-husband, but I didn’t want to read it. She’d been to rehab after rehab. It was so sad to hear Larry King saying he didn’t recognize her even though she was sitting at the next table.

It’s so easy to speculate and blame.  As one commentator said, let’s leave her be now. Let the family mourn. As I’ve said before about anyone who becomes addicted, there are friends and family members who love the person. She was a mother, a daughter, a goddaughter, a friend, and so much more.

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