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Edward S. Follow-Up: Now There’s a Smile on My Mom’s Face

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Edward S. Follow-Up: Now There’s a Smile on My Mom’s Face

Malibu Beach Recovery - Clients Intake and Discharge Pictures 021.jpgI recently wrote about Malibu Beach Recovery Center’s cooperation with Los Angeles Times reporters Lisa Girion and Scott Glover who spent two years researching every aspect of the prescription drug epidemic sweeping California and the nation.  The result is an impressive, hard-hitting Times Investigation entitled “Dying for Relief.”

The first in the series was Legal Drugs, Deadly Outcomes.  Other articles in the ongoing series include “Reckless Prescribing, Lost Lives,” Rogue Pharmacists Feed Addiction, and Reckless Doctors Go Unchecked.

In addition to the lengthy and in-depth articles by Lisa and Scott, the Times created a website featuring mini-documentaries filmed by the talented Times photojournalist Liz O. Baylen. “Bitter Pills” is about the difficult journey from addiction to early sobriety of Malibu Beach Recovery Center client Edward S, who had been taking the synthetic opioid suboxone and the benzodiazepine klonopin for 10 years.   All the pills were prescribed by medical doctors.  All the prescriptions filled by reputable pharmacies.

We recently did a follow up interview with Edward who has maintained his hard-earned sobriety and never looked back.

Here is Edward’s story:  How he got hooked on prescription drugs in Las Vegas, what his life was like before coming to treatment, and what his life is like now.  He was already 15 months sober when this interview was filmed.






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