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A Blog for Teens About Drugs

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A Blog for Teens About Drugs

Recently I found The National Institute on Drug Abuse’s blog for teenagers—The Sara Bellum Blog at Did you catch the joke in the title on reading that, the takeoff on cerebellum? I didn’t the first time I saw it. But what better way to try and capture teens’ attention about an important subject than to try and appeal to their intelligence with a play on words?

But teens aren’t reading this Malibu Beach Recovery Center blog, you say. Why post about a blog for teens? For several reasons. Here are five:

1. Because you may be the parent or stepparent, grandparent, or aunt or uncle of a teen and it’s wise to see what they’re reading and learning about drugs. The National Institute on Drug Abuse found in a 2004 survey of 8th, 10th, and 12th-graders that 9.3 percent of 12th-graders reported using Vicodin without a prescription in the previous year, and 5.0 percent reported using OxyContin –“making these medications among the most commonly abused prescription drugs by adolescents.”

And by the way, teens don’t always go searching through medicine cabinets to find prescription drugs, as you’ll often hear. When my son was 16, he had his appendix removed. As we were leaving the hospital, the nurse gave us a vial of Vicodin and instructions for taking them. “These are highly addictive,” she said. “Throw them away if there are any left over.”

That was my introduction to my son taking a prescription drug. I walked on eggshells for a couple of days trying not to be too obvious about monitoring his pain and his pill intake. (He thinks I go a little overboard with the admonitions about drugs. I probably do, because one of my brothers was an addict.) When the pain subsided and my son no longer wanted the pills, I was finally able to exhale.

2. Because you may have a godchild who will be a teen one day, or you may be dating someone who has a teen.

3. Because you may work with teens or mentor a teen.

4. Because there’s a lot of good information on the site that applies to everyone, not just teens.

5. Because prescription drug abuse is a national problem. NIDA reports that 20% of Americans 12 and older have used prescription drugs for nonmedical reasons.

This will be the fourth year that NIDA is offering an online forum to several high schools for students to ask questions “about drug abuse and the science behind addiction.” Drug Facts Chat Day is on Nov. 9, the first day of what will be an entire week dedicated to shattering the myths about drugs and addiction each year.

Here are two facts I found interesting that are offered in a booklet for teens on the site:

1. You can become addicted to marijuana. “The chances of becoming addicted to marijuana or any drug are different for each person. For marijuana, around 1 in 11 people who use it become addicted.”


2. “In 2006, prescription pain medications were involved in more overdose deaths than heroin and cocaine combined.”



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  • Lorraine Platt

    Drug and alcohol experimentation is common in adolescence. According to the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center, 52% of eighth graders and 80% of high-school seniors have used alcohol at some time. Drug and alcohol use in Marin is even higher than the national average.
    There are many reasons for this: financial privilege, easy access to drugs and alcohol, and a culture of perfectionism that causes teens to rebel even more. It takes a village to raise a teen. Parents can’t do it alone and we all need more connection and guidance at times. As therapists in Mill Valley, my husband and I guide teens and families to live happy, productive, and sober lives through mentorship and inspiration. Please visit us at Lorraine Platt, LMFT

  • drug rehab new york

    Kids should be open with their parents so both parties could help each other.

  • John James

    Hey, if you are that worried your teens are addicted to prohibited drugs, and then you must take actions so that you can chase them away from being hooked to it. One way I know for this action to be done is by sending your teens in a boot camp for teens. Hey, this can be effective to your teens. Not only that you can put them away from drug abuse, you can also give them the opportunity to mingle with other teens. So, what are you waiting for? Try the boot camp for teens especially made for your teens.

  • teenage help

    It has been obvious that more and more teens are into drugs and it seems that they are increasing and they are making way to make their feeling “high”. They are even over dosing themselves using prescribed medicine. I bet that they will increase through the year. But if you’re a parent who is concerned with your kid then you won’t let things like this happen to them. Send them to boot camps if you must, at least they will be given the chance to explore other things than drugs and they will also enjoy their stay.

  • drug rehabs

    Thanks for giving the informative post on teens drug rehab centers. There are so many drug addicts are suffering from addiction problems and unable to find out affordable drug rehab centers. Your article post is really helpful for those suffering drug addicts.

  • Alex

    Throw them away if there are any left over.

  • Teen-Camp

    Yup..!! Kids should talk with their parents so that both can understand their problems and get solution for that. Nice post.. I bookmark this site for further updates. Thanks…

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