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Academic Doping: Adderall

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Academic Doping: Adderall

On March 11, 2011 our late friend Russell Armstrong wrote an article for this blog entitled “Kids and Prescription Drug Abuse.”  He wrote:  “As the father of three young children…I wanted to commend the efforts of our colleagues at the Promises Treatment Centers who recently tried to increase awareness of the prescription pill abuse epidemic with LocktheCabinet, a public awareness campaign. . The program was designed educate parents about the need to secure prescription pills at home.”

Allison Morris of recently read Russell’s article.  She sent the below article and poster for our readers.  “I helped create the poster which takes an in-depth look at the abuse of ADHD Drugs among students today and why it could lead to dangerous habits…I wanted to pass it along as it specifrically details the increased use of Adderall among students today.”

Thanks Allison and


When it comes to grades, most people will do just about whatever it takes to stay ahead of the curve. From pulling all-nighters to lugging around thick textbooks and stacks of notecards, many students will put their health and happiness on the line to make the grade. But while hard work and dedication can go a long way in helping students succeed, sometimes that thirst for straight A’s can lead to much more serious actions. The US in recent years has seen a huge jump in the number of students who are using and abusing prescription drugs, like Adderall, to boost their levels of concentration. If you’re a student, chances are you know somewhere or someone to buy Adderall from. Student surveys show that more and more of them are confident that they know at least one person they could buy Adderall or something similar from. Adderall has not only become more available, however, it has also become de-stigmatized in the eyes of many students—most surveyed will agree that they see it as a study aid, and not as a potentially dangerous drug. For students who regularly pop adderall when they don’t really need it, the repercussions can become very serious in the long run. The following infographic examines Adderall as a grade-boosting drug, and just how dangerous it can be.

You an download the poster here.

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