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The Brentwood House is a luxurious alcohol and drug treatment center in West Los Angeles established by the women professionals of the Malibu Beach Recovery Center just for women. It is with great pride and pleasure that we welcome you to our blog, and introduce you to our serene all-women’s Brentwood facility.

At the Brentwood House, our dedicated and highly trained professionals provide women with a safe space to share their story, find their voice, develop tools and foster hope. We understand the numerous and impactful ways in which addiction affects women and their loved ones. We appreciate that your experience with addiction is a personal one and so we strive to provide you with a personal approach to recovery as well. As soon as you enter the Brentwood House, you will be met with compassionate and experienced staff that will help you identify the specific challenges you have faced, to ensure that you receive an individualized treatment plan that allows for a creative and comprehensive approach to working with you to break the cycle of addiction.

112420_piracy_AJW_Joan Borsten was born and raised in Hollywood. Her father was a film industry publicist, screenwriter, studio executive and author of several books. Her mother was one of the country’s first ten female Naval officers. Joan got a bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley and after serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in rural Panama, earned a masters degree from the University of Southern California. She spent 12 years in Europe and the Middle East writing for the “Jerusalem Post” and “Los Angeles Times.” before returning to Hollywood and the film industry. She worked as a producer on several feature films and then with her husband Oleg Vidov, one of the Soviet Union’s most popular actors, bought a little known library of 1200 animated Soviet films. Joan and Oleg popularized the award-winning animation around the world and then after winning several landmark court cases, sold it back to the Russians.

In 2007 Joan and Oleg partnered with family to found the Malibu Beach Recovery Center, a high end alcohol and drug treatment program licensed and certified by the State of California. The Brentwood House, which specializes in Addiction Treatment By Women and For Women, opened officially in 2013. The Malibu Beach Recovery System combines individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy with a holistic approach developed in Europe. Dr. Kenneth Blum, PhD, who co-discovered the link between addiction and genetics in 1990, serves as advisor on neuroscience to both Malibu Beach Recovery Centers. He describes the Malibu Beach treatment program with its focus on diet, exercise and food supplements, as unique among U.S. treatment centers because it is “dopamine building.” As Dr. Blum concluded over several decades of research, addicts tend to have low dopamine levels which causes them to self medicate. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter found in the brain and commonly associated with the reward system which provides feelings of enjoyment and positive reinforcement.

Although the Malibu Beach Recovery Center specializes in the treatment of alcoholics, drug addicts, the depressed and anxious.


Pat Olsen is a journalist and author whose writing specialties are health and business. She’s a lead writer for “The Boss” column in The New York Times and writes for numerous other national publications and for corporations. Pat is also the author, with Dr. Petros Levounis, of Sober Siblings: How to Help Your Alcoholic Brother or Sister – And Not Lose Yourself. (DaCapo Lifelong, 2008). Pat can be reached at

LiciaLicia Jaccard – Born in the U.S. and raised in France, Licia comes from a family of restaurateurs, caterers and chefs. After going through formal training in France, she took her passion for food on tour, traveling through Europe and then the United States, discovering new cultures as well as a considerable collection of original ethnic dishes.  Licia will be writing about the Malibu Beach Recovery Diet and sharing some of our best recipes.

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