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Bird’s Eye View

Being Open-Minded is the Key to Healthy Recovery

IMG_2353Many of us have reached out to get help for our addiction once we have gotten up the courage to go inpatient for treatment. That’s where it stops. Most of the time we get the quick fix and return home thinking we are cured. Unfortunately, within weeks addiction is running the show again, taking us to deeper, darker depths.

I know first hand. I kept trying to put a band aid on scars that were there from years of disarray. I attempted to get well inpatient several times. Sound like your experience? If so, you are not alone.

The part of treatment that worked best for me this time was transitional living. Malibu Beach Recovery Center opened Latigo House in June of this year. The home is located in the center of the spiritual vortex in Malibu’s picturesque Latigo Canyon.

Transitional living at Latigo House is lightly structured. After a day of highs and lows, a 10th step daily reprieve helped us process our experiences. I know now that the human body takes time to rejuvenate and it takes time for our brains to rewire. That’s why going to transitional living was the best healing medicine for me.

Latigo House has a healthy schedule beginning and ending with therapeutic yoga and meditation. Michelle was the primary yoga teacher at Latigo House when I was there; she had the experience to key in on techniques customized to my personal needs. Spiritual meditation hikes with Michelle keened my senses and brought my mind to heightened natural awareness.

Of course the Malibu Beach Recovery Diet continued to rebalance my sugar intake one week at a time. Three prepared meals a day from local holistic resources all based on a low glycemic, high dopamine, diet scientifically endorsed by Dr. Kenneth Blum, PhD who discovered the link between genetics and addiction in 1990.

Each day included personal appointments to meet my specific needs. Becoming part of the Malibu Beach Recovery Center Intensive Out Patient (“IOP”) Program was an important part of learning to live life sober. DL gardening 1Each of us brought to group our own unique experiences. We were able to explore our triggers and on going needs in the real work. Dr. Nick Techentin, PhD gave us consoling support while his colleague Garrett Braukman educated us about the “12 Steps And twelve Traditions,” while Dr. Miriam Hamideh, PhD offered a weekly woman’s group for us to learn additional coping skills.

Living life on life’s terms, not our terms, is where the difficult changes take place. Processing days with staff members who treat you like family makes a difference.

I encourage any one who struggles with addiction to take the time and explore transitional living. We spent years self-medicating, take a few months. YOU are worth it!!

Photos: (top) Dorothea Shackleton (“Dora Lee”), an alumna of the Malibu Beach Recovery Center for Women: The Brentwood House.
(bottom): Dora Lee tending her vegetable/herb garden at Latigo House.

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  • Laura Dubish

    Birds eye view/Dorothea
    You are my hero DoraLee! Your blog is full of wisdom. I love you! Xox

    • Sheryl June Gray

      So powerful Dora Lee! Thanks so much for sharing!

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