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The Malibu Beach Recovery Staff

Barry Lomax | Independently Affiliated Naturopath

Joan Borsten Dr. Barry Lomax is a Naturopathic Doctor and a Certified Nutritionist, practicing Traditional Naturopathy with a focus on whole foods nutrition, whole foods supplements, traditional herbal medicine and the Nature Cure Method, which increases the vitality of the individual so that the body can be its own Doctor and heal itself. Lomax utilizes conventional and alternative diagnostics blending the best of modern medical science and traditional natural medicine to treat disease and promote health and well-being. Instead of merely treating symptoms, he optimizes the function of the body's various systems addressing the root cause of illness so that the body can reestablish a state of homeostasis.

Lomax has an eclectic approach to medicine utilizing the methods of natural health pioneers such as Dr. Royal Lee, Weston Price, Dr. Henry Lindlahr, Ann Wigmore, Bernard Jensen and Dr. Max Gerson and he integrates many of their methods into his Energy Medicine practice at Malibu Beachy Recovery Center. He also utilizes Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, as Traditional Naturopathy pairs well with these ancient practices.

Lomax is often able to restore health in patients with chronic conditions that conventional medicine is unable to resolve let alone cure. He has successfully treated cancer patients, gastrointestinal disorders, endocrine imbalances, neurological disorders, chronic fatigue, diabetes, obesity, insomnia and autoimmune disorders, and has also worked with patients who simply want to optimize their health.

A graduate of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon, he has studied under Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractic Doctors, Chinese Medical Doctors, Ayurvedic Doctors, Herbalists, Homeopaths and Native Healers. All of these experiences have greatly contributed to his understanding of patient care, professionalism, and knowledge of medicinefrom one end of the spectrum in the emergency room to the other end of the spectrum in wellness care.

Lomax is dedicated to guiding his patients toward optimal health and wellness and providing them with highly individualized patient care.

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